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Champions of the Month - April 2022

Super Musketeers Matthew Wang Nina Purushotham Arav Jain

Super Youth Stephen D’sa Finn Seguin Neil Purushotham

Super Adults North Thompson Eli Sanderson Alex Herz


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Musketeer Gold – Nina Purushotham Silver – Layla Vogl Bronze – Aria Morgan Bronze – Cameron Dierking Youth Gold – Thomas D’Sa Silver – Neil Purushotham Bronze – Zoe Torres Bronze – Brek Leitner Adult

Musketeer Gold – Nina Purushotham Silver – Reilly Bannister Bronze – Laureen Lao Yout Gold – Andy Yu Silver – Neil Purushotham Bronze – Brek Leitner Adult Gold – Zach Boyd Silver – Hamza Shousha Bronz

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